How we work

Ci: Creative Intelligence is committed to providing training and development programmes which are different, imaginative, enjoyable, relevant, practical and effective.

We combine twenty years plus of traditional training experience with in-depth expertise in the arts, and we draw many of our techniques and processes from the world of the theatre and other artforms. The arts are a lens through which we can see ourselves and others in new ways - "Art is the lie that helps us see the truth" as Picasso said.

Our courses are very experiential and often based on the principles of rehearsal. The rehearsal room is a safe place in which to take risks, try something new, practise a new skill and develop top-quality performance. It's an ideal metaphor for the sort of training we deliver (and it's why this website has images from a theatre company in rehearsal).

If you want to know more about how we work, read about our processes and techniques.