Courses & Workshops

Our courses and workshops focus on soft skills over a wide range of issues. We often break these down into four overlapping areas:

1. Personal Skills Development

Many of our courses and workshops train participants to acquire new skills. Top class communication skills are often what distinguish the successful manager, the charismatic leader and the compelling sales person from the competition. So we have run courses on:

2. Team Development

The theatre company that comes together with four weeks of rehearsal in which to create and deliver a brand new product needs to become a high performing ensemble very quickly. Teamwork is essential to all organisations these days - and the theatre has honed techniques for building a team quickly and efficiently over centuries. We have shared those techniques through courses such as:

3. Cultural Development

Many organisations find changing their culture - the way things are done around here - a huge challenge. The Head Office may want to introduce some new values, two teams with very different styles may be merging, regulatory bodies may be forcing changes - there are many different reasons why a change of culture becomes an issue. A company which declares that from now on, they will be "customer-focused", "flexible", "challenging" and "caring" will change nothing - unless those values are actually lived. The arts are uniquely well-placed to show what it would mean to embed those values in the culture of an organisation. So we have run programmes around:

4. Organisational Development

Strategy demands creativity. Financial analysis, market research and so on all help, but a huge effort of imagination is still required. And once a future for an organisation has been imagined, it is still difficult to get to grips with its implications. The arts are all about imagining something that does not yet exist and then making that something come to life. By our creating a possible future for an organisation, our clients can interact with it, tweak it, test out its possibilities - and all with no risk. So we have run programmes on: